One of the most important things every woman should take care of before heading out is her dress choice. Not that, she should be dressed up all the time. A girl can kick it in sweatpants if she wants, but if you are planning to go clubbing or partying and want to create a head turning fashion statement, you need a dress. Not just any dress. But a sexy party dress!

How to Choose a Party Dress

Pink Crossed Front & Splited Hem Deep V Neck Party Dress

From the gi-normous variety that you have on Yoins, it seems that it is easy to take your pick but picking out a party dress calls for a little bit more attention. First and foremost you have to make sure that the dress is your size. That is of course common knowledge but more than that you have to decide on where you are headed.

Black Deep V-neck Criss-cross Back Bodycon Mini Dress

Black Deep V-neck Criss-cross Back Bodycon Mini Dress Different parties and various clubs call for different dresses. For example, if you are attending a house party then you want to opt for a midi sweater dress (if it’s winter) or a spaghetti strap maxi dress (if it’s summer). On the other hand if you are headed to a club then you most definitely need something way sexier.

Showing Skin or No?

Black Off-The-Shoulder Long Bell Sleeve Bodycon Midi Dress

Another thing you have to decide on is whether you want to show skin or not. There are some party dresses that look super sexy but completely cover your skin. They look sexy that way and channel that kind of covered-yet-still-sexy vibe. Those are usually full sleeved and skin tight, there is no limit to how long these dresses can be. They can even reach to your ankles (Kim K sports a lot of these) and they can also skim right below your hips.

Black Lace Detail Long Sleeves Mini Dresses with Cut Out Design

If you are planning to show skin then you’re going to want to look for your party dress from a totally different category. Baring dresses are very variant and different from many aspects. You can find backless, sleeveless, strapless dresses and ones with waist cutouts, and some that even cover up your front torso and hips only. Depending on how much skin you want to show, go ahead and shop Yoins’ HUGE deliciously sexy party dress collection.

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