In autumn, just a skirt can be a little bit chilly, but chic hoodies can help with that. Hoodies can be the most versatile fashion items while stylish women’s skirts are very slimming, so together they can be the chicest pair. On 2017 fall and winter show stages, you can see a lot of matches like that. All of them are so chic and distinctive from each other.

Black Split High-waisted Midi Skirt

Black Split High-waisted Midi Skirt


Speaking of particular items, here are some recommendations for you. First one is hoodies and A-line skirts. A-line skirts look crisp and refreshing, and more important they can cover your chubby thighs, giving you stylish and slimming look.

Gold Fashion A-line Mini Skirt


Print hoodies and pleated skirts are actually good pairs too. They may seem common and usual when they go separate ways, but after putting them together they make an incredibly fantastic pair, which keeps the sweetness and youthful feeling of pleated skirts and also adds more street and cool style in it. And in autumn, you may choose long pleated skirts to keep warm. Long skirts are also easy to style with hoodies. And add one more pair of leggings you can wear them in winter as well.

Olive Green Velvet High-waisted Pleated Design Midi Skir

Olive Green Velvet High-waisted Pleated Design Midi Skir


Besides, there are many special options if you want to be distinctive from others and show your own style. You are free to try leather skirts, straight skirts, and even floral maxi skirts. All of them can build a strong contrast with hoodies. The sweet and street style finally meet up and it turns out to be more than acceptable but incredibly perfect and beautiful.

Artificial Leather Pencil Skirt in Brown

Artificial Leather Pencil Skirt in Brown


In autumn, hoodies and women’s skirts are the most slimming and stylish pair, which you should try them out at once if you haven’t tried before.

Black Lace Side Split Maxi Skirt

Black Lace Side Split Maxi Skirt

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