Womens blue denim jacket is really the must-have item for all of us in this season. It is windproof and the efficient one to get a perfect image, besides there is another unique feature is increasing its charms with time elapsing. But denim is also very ordinary in our daily life, so how do we get some different feelings?


#1 Crop Top Inside

It’s very hot to wear crop top inside denim jacket, and choose wide leg pants to match them, we strongly recommend those girls who have imperfect shape short jackets in order to get a look of slim top and loose bottom.

Blue Fashion Classic Collar Denim Jacke

If you prefer tight pants, you’d better wear loose or oversized denim jacket, crop top goes well with this outfits, which adding some final summer feelings.

Vintage Classic Collar Embroidery Pattern Loose Denim Jacket


#2 sweatshirt

We have mentioned this combination several times before, but it is too classical to stop saying. Light color washed denim jacket can be teamed with white sweatshirt and sports loose pants, casual and chic, or choose the combination of leather pants and denim jacket.

Light Blue Classic Collar Tassel Details Denim Jacket


#3 Sweater

There are two items you can’t avoid, they are sweaters and denim jackets. You can tuck the bottom of sweater into wide leg pants, if you wear tight pants, it doesn’t matter, just take the jacket on your shoulder, then get ready to be paid attention. By the way, you’d better select medium jackets which are a little longer than your sweater, because the exposed part has a bad effect on the whole layering.

Blue Fashion Rips Details Loose Denim Jacket


#4 Maxi Dress

Cool denim jacket is quite suitable to match with feminine dress. If you choose this team, the height of denim jacket is more flexible, so pay attention to some special details of your dress, like lotus leaf skirt, or the hot pleated skirt, and roll up the sleeves of your denim jacket, handsome and casual.

Denim Jacket with Pockets

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