Women wide leg pants are still popular in this winter. This item becomes stylish again in recent years, which can matches all clothes well. Now I’m here to recommend some combinations for your fairies.


#1 Blouse+ Wide leg pants

The first item for most of us in winter is blouse, it also fits wide leg pants well. If you think all white blouse is too blank, why not choose stripe blouse? stripe and blue blouse are very hot this year, adding some artistic and fresh feelings. And jeans blouse is the symbol of causal style.

Black Ramie Cotton Wide Leg Trousers


#2 knitted sweater+ wide leg pants

Weather is cold now, it’s time to show your knitted sweaters, loose sweaters go well with wide leg pants, cozy and comfortable. As for slim ones which bring out your slender figure is suitable for those hot girls to wear alone. Tiny girls should pay attention to the height of your sweater, don’t too long to cover you.

Black High-rise Flared Hem Wide Leg Pants


#3 Short coat+ Wide leg pants

Our wardrobe is full of various coats, but the collocation of short coats and wide leg pants must be the most crisp one. There is nothing wrong when leather coats atop wide leg pants, even paired with simple white shoes.

Pink Flounced Detail Wide Leg Drawstring Waist Pants


#4 Blazer+ Wide leg pants

Wide leg pants are definitely more official and hard than skinny pants when atop a blazer. If you don’t want to spend too much thoughts, just wear the same color outfits, which is appropriate in normal occasions. The wide leg pants with a variety of patterns brings you retro style, it will be an interesting team when going with serious blazer.

Black Stripe Crop Top and Wide Leg Trousers Co-ord

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