For my upcoming trip somewhere North, I think the weather is colder three times than what I am experiencing here in the metropolis. I am quite excited about it because it is a chance to get bonded with my in-laws. The coming long 5 days holiday is a rare opportunity for us so we really make sure to grab the chance. Last week, as I was talking with my sister-in-law, we happened to talk about our outfits to wear for the trip and I thought of sharing it with you. My planned outfits might be an inspiration or might be a help to some.

Sky Blue Fashion Cold Shoulder High Neck Long Sleeves Sweater

I fall onto warm tones so it is not a surprise that I love any colors that fall to earth colors like this sky blue long sleeves sweater. I have sported this style last year – a sweater and a pleated skirt paired with lace-up boots. I am always into comfort when I’m on vacation because it requires a lot of walking to see the tourist spots. I like a turtleneck or like this high neck because I can just roll up the collar higher when it gets chilly than usual.


Pink Perkins collar Flared sleeves Bodycon Crop Top

I always pack a casual shirt like this perkins collar flared sleeve t-shirt. I wear a casual shirt on the last day of the trip because when we leave the city of Pines, right after we hit the bottom of the Kennon Road, the usual warm weather will kick in. I usually wear a jacket over a shirt so it is convenient to wear it up or down depending on the atmosphere.


Navy Organza Round Neck Side Split Sexy Maxi Dress

I never forget to pack a long dress every time I go on a vacation. A long dress can easily make you look dressed up especially if its maxi dress. I plan to wear a long sleeve maxi dress for the birthday dinner. I’ll just pair it with a leather jacket to make sure I don’t get chills when the weather becomes unforgiving during the night.

How about you? Care to share your outfit ideas?



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