Sweater is essential for winter. But do you catch up with the latest trend of sweater? Today I am going to introduce you some and these chic women sweaters are something that is worth to try.

Green Cut Out Front Chocker Neck Zip In Cuffs Jumper

Cut-out sweater is now quite popular. Whether it is loose or tight fitting, it is very impressive and distinctive, revealing a bit of lazy and sexy air. And with right items coupled, it can be stylish and cool as well. To catch up with the latest trend, you cannot miss this type of sweater. It is a good opportunity to show your fashion taste too.

Green Cable-Knit Turtleneck Long Sleeves Sweater

Turtle neck sweater is quite fashionable in this season. Soft and smooth knit fabric gives people a warm and stylish flair. Some people say that turtle neck sweater is not trendy, but that’s only true when with bad matching. Coupled with a pair of jeans and boots, that can not be more stylish and cool.

pinkish Purple Off The Shoulder Long Sleeves Loose Plunge Sweaters

Once upon a time, sweaters are regarded as a symbol of conservative, but with the frenzy of fashion trend hit, a variety of styles of sweaters once again become even more popular.

Yellow Lace-up Design Bateau Knitted Sweaters

As for the selection of the color of sweaters, you can go for some bright and strong colors if you get used to these classic and regular colors. And you can make good use of them to create a stylish and chic contrast with your outerwear, which would make you pop out in crowds.

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