We are always introducing some new and fashionable clothes to you. Today we want to have a bravely try to tell you the special design of sleeves. The flare sleeves of women tops can make you more beautiful when you wear the clothes. Now let’s together feel the elegant demeanour from the arms.

Random Floral Printed Long Sleeves Mini Dress

The first one we need to talk about is the flare sleeve. A causal dress with the flared sleeve and the magic effect is so obvious. Simple printed dress is becoming interesting and fashionable more under the flared sleeve. The fashion circle is always seeking for creation so the flared sleeve is the first choice.

Solid Color Flared Sleeves Drawstring Hoodie


Super long sleeved sweatshirts can be said to one of the most popular styles of sweatshirts. The causal sweatshirt under the decoration of long sleeve becomes good-looking and fairy a little. With long sleeves it has became the outstanding among the sweatshirts. As for the fashion, if long flared sleeve say the second and no styles can say No.1.

Green Flared Sleeves Cardigan

Speaking of the fashion there is one style we must to introduce. It is the new pattern of the sleeve or rather the way of wearing. Easy to say, it just look like two of the sleeves that come together in one piece. It is similar to the flared sleeves but there are still some differences between them.

Lotus Pink Off The Shoulder Lantern Long Sleeves Knitted Sweaters

Compared to the flared sleeve, lantern sleeve has some similarities with it. The lantern sleeves’ cuff  is closed that makes the sleeve bulge in the lantern shape. Both lantern sleeve and flared have their advantages. The light color let the sweater become more gentle. This special design has some feeling of going back to the ancient. That is today’s fashion trend and we need to follow with its step.

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