What color can be represented the feeling of clean and fresh? Most of you may think of the floral and color of macaron. But here we would like to introduce you how to use the most ordinary white color to sweep the winter gloom day. White color should be the “earliest founder” of fresh style, its elegance and fresh can not be replaced. Everyone of us seeks the secret that how to dress ourselves to look stylish and chic, white color  make you more elegant and graceful.

White Waterfall Trench Coat

White Waterfall Trench Coat

The black pants will leave a expression of heaviness, but sometimes we have to put on them as they will make us look more slender. But do you know a white trench coat can help you get out of this heaviness? Except a pair of black pants, you can also wear something in black inside, don’t worry, they won’t effect the fresh look because of this bright white coat.

White Classic Collar Single Breasted Design Tweed Trench Coat

White Classic Collar Single Breasted Design Tweed Trench Coat

If you are slender enough, you can choose to match it with a skinny white pencil pant, but a whole white look is hard to avoid the tedious expression, a pair of khaki or brown boots may help to break the monotony.

White Artificial Fur Lapel Collar Coat

White Artificial Fur Lapel Collar Coat

For the coming cold months, it’s easy to pick up one black coat from your wardrobe(and there is nothing wrong with that), but surely you still have to switch thing up and keep you bright, so a perfect white trench coat is what you are longing for now! A white trench coat can save you from the dull and heavily winter, it catch everybody’s eyes when you walk in the street because all the others wear the deep color.

Checked Duffle Coat in Black and White

Checked Duffle Coat in Black and White

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