Turtleneck sweaters and coats are always the classical and necessary items in cold winter. And they can form the most elegant couple in this year, what’s more, it is easy for us to control them. Today I’m here to tell you how to choose turtleneck sweaters.
We start with neck pattern. The higher neck, the smaller face you will look. So you may turn sweater’s collar up to be warm and add some lazy feelings, which can get two birds by one stone.

High Neck Jumper

And tight sweaters are the most common and practical. Don’t worry you cannot hold this sort of sweaters even if you are without a swan-neck, because you can choose the loose-neck pattern, which can expose your neck.

Grey High Neck Jumper with Zipper Sleeves

As for color, you must have a black high neck sweater, which can match with all coats very well. If you have been tired of total black, slogan print sweater is also a good choice. White is very typical, which goes better with coats of bright color.

High Neck Sweater & Mini Skirt Two-Piece Co-ords

If both of your coats are regular color, then I strongly recommend you get some bright high-neck sweaters, they can break your plain and dull coloring of coats.

Stripe Knitted Crop Jumper in Orange

Oversize style is becoming a growing trend in today’s culture, but oversized sweaters look pump when inside coats, unless your coat is also oversized. Tight high-neck sweaters can used to achieve a layering combination inside blouse. Some items are ordinary but also can be amazing when putting on together.


White High Neck Short Length Long Sleeves Jumper

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