For fashion lovers, fashion dresses are not the privilege in summer. In cool days, you can take good advantages of them and explore their potentials, making beautiful mixture and surprising people in gorgeous looks. Today I am going to introduce you our types of the most popular fashion dresses.


#1 Shirt Dress

3/4 Sleeve Midi Shirt Dress with Belt

In autumn you can not miss the beautiful shirt dress. When you choose to wear shirt dress, you are done with your whole look. Just a piece of shirt dress can solve all your dressing issues. Nobody is able to resist its charm. Many celebrities have good demonstrations for us.


White Classic Collar Buttons Front Long Sleeves Shirt Dress

Of all shirt dresses, white shirt dress is the most versatile one. It looks so crisp and refreshing that every girl should get one. Except for white ones, striped shirt dress and other plain shirt dresses are worthy to try as well. As for its styling, you can pair it up with various fashion items and there are many ways to wear it, either to wear it without any decorations or to wear it like a long trench coat leaving the buttons untucked.


#2 Knitted Dress

Grey Knitted MIdi Dress with Shredded Rips

If shirt dress is reckoned a transitional product from summer to autumn, then knitted dress should be a versatile item in both autumn and winter. Knitted dresses have so many types and styles, from which bodycon long knitted dress is the most sexy and appealing one. However, usually it has higher standard for body shapes. But you don’t have to worry about it too much, you can put on a long coat to cover the imperfections on your body.


#3 Pleated Skirt

Dark Green Velvet High-waisted Pleated Design Midi Skirt

Pleated skirt is welcomed by fashion lovers in this season, especially those at medium length. Plain pleated skirt is such a magic item that you can match it with almost everything you like. Among them, metallic colored pleated skirt is a special one and has been cool girls’ favorite.

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