Days are still a little bit chilly these days. But if you think it’s too early to put on the women long sleeve blouses and shirts, that’s totally wrong. It is time to show their magical functions when dressing yourself up. For one thing, it is really a smart idea to mix up your autumn and winter clothes with spring and summer wear. And it tends often to be seen in fashion street snap and fashion blogs.

White Lapel Collar Long Sleeves Shirt

Recently the mixing up of sweater and blouse is becoming a trend. Its popularity has been proved from fashion stages to celebrities’ airport looks. As for their selections, you are free to choose various blouses and long sleeve shirts and sweaters. For instance, white shirt and see through sweater can be a good pair. Or you may pick oversized black sweater and white blouse. Just remember don’t wear too many colors at the same time.

White Stripe Shirt with Irregular Hem

Another recommendation is to try turtleneck shirt and long sleeve blouse as tops. Turtleneck shirt is also a good item. It is practical and chic fashion product for it can keep you warm and show your good fashion taste. If what you choose is a light-weighted shirt, you are suggested to wear it inside a plain blouse. But if you pick a heavy turtleneck sweater, then just put the women blouse inside the sweater. Only to remember to pick a long blouse so as to make its bottom uncovered by the sweater.

Ruffle Neck Floral Ptinting Blouse

Ruffle Neck Floral Ptinting Blouse

In fact, there are still so many types and styles shirts and blouse and as well various matches of them. Just use your imagination to explore more possibilities of them and find more new fashion images.

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