Almost every one has a stylish long cardigan, but not every one knows how to match it in a right way. Today I’m going to introduce you some matching tips. For one thing, white T-shirts and shirts are wonderful items to go with it and do not choose long cardigans too casually.


Pure Color Long Length Cardigan with Pocket

Autumn has settled in, and therefore cardigan becomes a piece of practical and versatile clothing. Usually we only need to add a white T-shirt inside a cardigan, and that would be beautiful enough. The best thing is every one can do that and it is never wrong. As for bottoms, a pair of skinny jeans or wide-legged trousers, usually in blue or black, is always clever choice. And one more thing, don’t forget to tuck your T-shirt inside your trousers.


Longline Cardigan in Grey Marl

Also, it is popular to wear shirts inside cardigans, which looks more formal than the former one. You can choose white shirts for your work outfit, while plaid shirts are perfect as well if you want to look casual and relaxing. As long as you dare to try, all types of shirts can be paired with cardigans. With them, you can build your own style.


Burgundy Causal Long Sleeves Irregular Hem Cardigan

Though, long cardigans are very often to be seen. However, they are not suggested for petite girls. That is because they usually tend to make people look short and for petite girls even shorter. And if you wear them, do remember to highlight your waistline by tying a belt or tucking your tops inside trousers.


Blue Tassel Hem Knit Cardigan

Blue Tassel Hem Knit Cardigan

For the selection of bottoms, skinny or tapered trousers would be better. Long cardigans are in a cocoon shape and already look loose fitting to people, so if you choose a wide-legged trousers, that would be way too loose and lazy. Last tip is to make sure your sexy ankles uncovered.

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