Spring is coming soon, it’s time to wear skirts for smart girls, and in my opinion, only womens pleated skirts can go well with all other items. One pleated skirt can show various styles when matching with different items.

#1 Sweaters+ Pleated skirts
A combination of sweaters and pleated skirts almost can take up your all clothing of early spring. Soft sweaters and sweet pleated skirts fit this both cold and warm season well. Besides you can wear them on many occasions, in a word, when you dress them, you will be the pretty girl in boys’ eyes.

Dark Green Velvet High-waisted Pleated Design Midi Skirt

#2 Leather jacket+ Pleated skirt
If sweet style is not your dish, you can try this combination. Usually leather match with jeans or leather trousers, but if you want to keep mixed style forever, skirts is definitely better than them.

Orange Chiffon Pleated Maxi Skirt

#3 Round neck sweatshirt+ Pleated skirt
Round neck sweatshirt is a perfect combo for street walks, and when it is paired with pleated skirt, the look is classical outfit of mixed style. You can imagine yourself with these two items walking on the street in the early spring, so stunning!

Pleat Skirt in Black

#4 Blouse+ Pleated skirt
When it comes to blouse, we usually think about uniforms, but now that’s really old fashion. Who told you that blouse is not feminine enough? That’s because it works without pleated skirt. When crisp and serious blouse encounter with charming pleated skirt, what will happen?

Black Pleated Midi Skirt with Stretch Waistband

#5 T-shirt+ Pleated
Flexible T-shirt is always the lover of stars and fashion bloggers. You can be street cred or elegant white-collars with it. It can be with you no mater at office or on holiday.

Burgundy High Waist Pleat Maxi Skirt

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