Winter is coming and the temperature will be getting lower and lower, trench coat is definitely a lot of people’s choice. However, many petite girls may have such problem that the length of the coats will make them the hobbits. But is it true that petite girls cannot have long clothes? Well, people’s height is fixed, but more possibilities can be found through matching techniques. Today I will introduce you certain skills to break the routine and create your own stylish trench coat looks.

Pink Lightweight Open Front Buttonless Longline Trench Coat

First thing to know is to highlight your waistline. Since you can not change your height, but you can make full use of visual effects and thus make you significantly higher. To improve the waist line appropriately can make your legs appear slender, which will lengthen your own lines of body proportion, significantly 5 cm higher. Trench coat with a belt is a very good choice, you can highlight your waistline. With a pair of high heels, you would be stunning.

Beige Hooded Drawcord Trench Coat

And to choose a short skirt to pair it up is also a smart approach. I believe many petite girls usually would choose a short mini skirt instead of a long skirt in summer. This rule is not changed in winter. The choice of skirt worn inside may take some time. The length of skirt should not exceed the hem line of the coat, and that’s how you can make yourself look higher.

Kahki Classic A-line Silhouette Double Breasted Waist Tie Trench Coat

Another tip is to select tight-fitting shirt and to go for bright colored coat instead of black all the time. Most people believe that black is good at making people slimmer than they actually are, but for petite girls it would make them more petite as well. Therefore instead of black, it is suggested to select other bright colors which can give plain and boring winter more lives.

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