I believe that a lot of people are eager to know how to match women’s loose sweaters and also how to create a slimming look. Especially in these days loose sweaters are welcomed and loved by young girls. This year many new styles and types of sweaters are designed and made, so we will meet more surprises and make more gorgeous looks out of these sweaters.

Grey Lace-up Design One Shoulder Long Sleeves Sweaters

As one of the must haves, loose sweaters and oversized sweaters are very popular in recent years. Even though they look lazy and way too casual on people, they don’t really make people look fat visually. On the contrary, they can not only hide the imperfections of plump girls but also set off the figures of slim girls to advantage.

Coffe Cable Knit V-neck Long Sleeves Sweaters

Usually we use pants and dresses to match with tops, so I am going to introduce you the ways of matching loose sweaters with the two items. Firstly we will talk about pants. Skinny jeans and black trousers are highly recommended. To style them with white turtle neck sweater and martin boots will be a smart choice. And if you want to complete the look, you can add more accessories on you, such as sunglasses, hat and handbag, etc.

White Crew Neck V-back Sweater

As for dresses, with different dresses we can create different styles. For instance, if you wear a creamy white dress, then a white loose sweater is suggested. And don’t forget to tuck the bottom of the sweater into your dress. With one more small handbag and short boots, you will be elegant and mature, and letting your dressing flair shown. Or short ladies skirts are good items to go with sweaters as well.

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