In the early spring, temperature changes from time to time, so it charges some dressing skills. If you want to keep warm and stay chic at the same time, loose sweaters can be one of the best choices. And with one more pair of white sneakers, they will make you look younger and stylish.

Sweater is a really versatile product. When you don’t know what to wear in this season, it can be a good choice. Just remember to be careful with the selection of shoes. For instance, if you pick a turtleneck loose sweater and suit pants as your outfit, then high heels may be a little bit common, but a pair of white sneakers can make you special and cooler.

Coffee High Neck Long Sleeves Loose Sweaters

Coffee High Neck Long Sleeves Loose Sweaters

In this complicated world, minimalism is loved by a group of people. When it is applied to fashion and clothes, it becomes popular and is welcomed by more and more people. If you want to give it a try, then loose sweater and pants and flats are a good match, which is one of the simplest and most comfortable outfits. This kind of match can not only create a simple and casual style, but also makes you pop out in the world of complexity.

White Oversized Plunging V-neck Knit Sweater Dress

White Oversized Plunging V-neck Knit Sweater Dress

Besides, if you are a fan of western cowboy style, then loose fitting sweater and ripped skinny jeans and white sneakers are the beat items to choose. To build a cool and free image, they are exactly what you need.

Navy Cold Shoulder V-neck Long Sleeves Sweater

Navy Cold Shoulder V-neck Long Sleeves Sweater

Especially for the girls who are a little bit plump, you can select v neck sweater or sweater with lower neckline and skinny pants, and don’t forget to tuck the bottom of the sweater because that will create a better proportion visually.

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