Many girls don’t know what to wear in this season of both warmth and cold, the ideal item is the one that keeps beauty and warm in the same time, so I strongly recommend you women long sleeve shirts blouse, which can make mixes style. There are some tips you need to know about it.

#1 Pure blouse+ shirt with slogans

Pure blouse is clean and leisure, it will be so handsome when wear a shirt with slogans inside, different styles crash into an amazing look. If you have a pure shirt laid on the shelf for a long time, just put it on right now.

Denim Shirt with Bow

#2 Stripe Shirt+ Camisole
“Frigidity” is the nature of stripe, which goes best with lace camisole, plus a jeans, you are the coolest girl on the street, you can imagine the sexy and smart feelings of this outfit.

Blue Zip Design Stripe Classic Collar Long Sleeves Top with Belt

#3 Floral print shirt+ White camisole
It seems not easy to match with those flashy floral print shirts well, but don’t forget pure white camisole, complicated print make ordinary white camisole strange and interesting, that’s why we always say white is all-matched.

Crew Neck Long Sleeve Floral Print Shirt

#4 Special cutting blouse+ Pure shirts
If you love unique and strange blouse, like different cuttings, I suggest you wear simple and pure shirts inside, because these blouses will give you messy visible feelings, so a pure shirt, not must be white, which can weak its disadvantage.

Army Green High Neck Hollow Out Pleated Zipper Back Shirt

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