Sweater has always been my personal favorite, for it is practical and classic. Usually a basic sweater can be worn for years. And there are so many ways to style sweaters, however, the most popular one is ladies fashion skirts and sweaters. These two are the perfect combination of sweetness and elegance. You can often see them on show stages as well. Today I summarize a few classic matches out of them for you.

#1 Sweater + Splited Skirt

Black Splited Design Midi Skirt

Skirt with splits are one of the sexiest item of all women dresses. It is sexy but in an implicit way, and most important matches with sweater so well. With one more high heels or boots, they will prevail all of your feminine charm. If you are not so sure of how to choose specific items, going for monochrome fashion is never wrong.

#2 Sweater + Pleated Skirt

Grey Velvet High-waisted Pleated Design Midi Skirt

Pleated skirt is also a feminine or girlish product. Compared to the former one, it seems to be more revitalizing and younger. You can choose either high heels or sneakers to go with it. Either one is good choice and can make different stylish looks. It is all up to your preference.

#3 Sweater + Leather Skirt

Camel Leather Look Mini Skirt With Back Zip

Hard leather skirt and soft sweater can actually make it a nice pair. When it comes to the selection of leather skirt, remember not to choose too tight ones, otherwise that could be a little bit flashy. Straight leather skirt is recommended.

#3 Sweater + Knit Skirt

Grey Bodycon Strap Stretch Waistband Midi Pencil Skirts

Knitwear is a really good choice to make you sweet and cute. When you choose to wear sweater and knit skirt, the whole knit outfit just soften you, adding a elegant and gentle flair on you.

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