When it comes to must haves in autumn and winter, women sweaters must be on the list. And nowadays oversize is a main stream that can be applied for everything in fashion industry. Therefore oversized women sweater is quite popular these days. And today i will introduce you several ways to wear it sexy yet effortless.

White Oversized Plunging V-neck Knit Sweater Dress

First one is to go bare legs and meanwhile to make your bottoms disappear visually. Actually all the oversized clothes can apply this style. So can oversized sweaters. But do not assume that this kind of style is fixed and there is no much room for it to change. Coupled with different shoes and accessories, it enables you to change from street and casual to sexy and wild. All depends on your matching skills.

Grey Deep V-neck Two-way Wear Long Sleeves Sweater

Another suggestion is to pair it up with dresses. Oversized sweaters and dresses together are tend to be girlish and sweet. It is a wonderful and easy way to show your female charm in winter when days are not getting that cold. Also, there are no strict rules for its matching and styling. Just use your imagination and try something new, such as maxi dresses, strap dresses etc.

Khaki One Shoulder Long Sleeves Sweater

The most common way you can think of is to match it with jeans, which is also a nice and practical way to style oversized sweaters. They are both versatile products, so to put them together can be just fine and simple. Except for jeans, flared pants and suit pants fit oversized sweaters well. They all create beautiful looks differently.


As for its colors and cutting, if you have no idea of what to choose for yourself, vintage style is a good way to make a unique and chic look. Sometimes bright colors and special design can make you pop out.

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