When we mentioning sports wear, we always think that it is far from vogue and very student style. But actually it can be also very fashionable only if matched with smartly, so today I’m here to recommend you some chic combinations of high waisted sports trousers.

#1 Camisole+ High waist sports trousers
Sports trousers are always give us young and active feelings, so if you wear a silk or lace camisole, there is no wonder that this combination will cause powerful visual effects.

Black Mesh Stitching Elastic Gym Legging

#2 Short knitted sweaters+ sports trousers
Most of sports trousers are made of acrylic fibers, which are suitable for outdoor activities, but the nature of knitted sweaters is for home and office, so this outfit shape its own style by mixing these two special features, playful!

Active Slit Side Wide Leg Detail High Waisted Sports Pants in Black

#3 T-shirt+ High waist sports trousers
If you don’t like mixed combinations, it is also okay to put on a T-shirt, the two items have belongs to a similar style, which is the best choice for the younger with vitality.

Red Drawstring Waist Side Stripe & Studs Casual Pants

#4 Jeans shirts+ High waist sports trousers
Jeans shirt is also very casual, when it matches with sports trousers, a very crisp and tidy imagine comes out. If this is your type, don’t miss it.

Black Gym Leggings With Red Lining

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