We can always see stripe T-shirts in the street snap. Maybe the stripe T-shirts putting on the stars are similar with those on yours. But why do we always have different feel with them? The skill is how we use them to match. Then we should focus on to learn how to match to be fashion and beautiful. So we can also have the same effect with the models in the fashion show.

Blue Stripe Pattern Stitching Short Sleeves T-shirts

The weather in summer is very hot and if you want to dress up yourselves in causal in the street. The stripe T-shirts plus short pants is the best choice. But the short pants we had better choose the pure color. Otherwise it will cover the beauty from stripe T-shirts and give us a feeling of mess.

Causual Style Stripe Pattern T-shirt

Stripe T-shirts can not only match with pants. Plus all kinds of half-part dress can also hold them. Don’t look down the first impression they leave for us. When they match with dress, give us s feeling of sweet and ladies. We also need to pick up some others to decorate it a little.

Red Stripe Round Collar Casual T-Shirt

Recent years, the wide-leg pants are very popular all around the fashion circle. So we can try the matching of stripe T-shirts with wide-leg pants. Wearing so many close-fitting pants we need to relax our legs and then free them. They looks like good friends having not seen for a long time and bring us a surprise.

Stripe Pattern High Neck Cold Shoulder T-shirts

We still need some special women stripe T-shirts when we want to date or go shopping. This high neck one has the cold shoulder design. White plus black stripe gives us a feeling of kind and beautiful. It matches with all kinds of pants or skirts can still have a good effect although it has no too much complex design.

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