For girls usually the most beautiful way to dress them up is to wear dresses. And in this winter it is long knit dress that can give girls most stunning looks, for it keeps people warm and beautiful in an effortless way. Therefore it is one of the must haves that you cannot miss. Today I will introduce you some tips and skills to style long knit dresses so as to reveal all of your feminine charm.

Grey Off Shoulder Knit Long Sleeves Mini dress

First thing to know is how to pick a long knit dress that fits you best. There are tight, loose fitting and straight knit dresses. And the principle here is to choose what is opposite to your body figure. If you are just a little bit chubby, then straight knit dress is a perfect option. And it would be better if you put on a straight coat.

Red Pullover Lantern Sleeves Sweater Dress

Besides, their length and color matter as well. A knit dress can not be too long, and the ideal length is that its bottom hem line reaches somewhere 5 cm higher above the knees. As for the colors, black, white and gray are always classic, but you may want to try colorful stripes as well.

Royal Blue High Neck Long Sleeve Knit Casual Dress

To style beautiful and chic looks, long shirts, short jacket and over-the-knee boots are strongly recommended. Long shirts coupled with knit dresses make a layered and stylish outlook, which distinguish you from other on streets. And over-the-knee boots is definitely the best fashion item to show your sexy legs in winter. They enable you to show your beautiful curves of your legs and break the heaviness of winter.


And of course there is short jacket. To be specific, it is short leather jacket, which seems so different from knit dress yet surprisingly compatible with it. They two together build a strong fashion contrast but in a chic way.

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