The question of matching your black pencil pants is very popular among girls, so today I’m here to introduce basic combinations of very aesthetic pencil pants, which improve your flair immediately.
We all know that pencil pants are very tight, especially the part of ankle, just like skinny pants, and its design is always simple and has many different colors, pencil pants are so popular between youngers.

Navy High Waist Lace-up Design Tight Suede Pants

First of all, we talk about the ordinary black pencil pants, usually we can be teamed with black shirts and coats, and paired with black shoes, if you are interested in hats, a black hat is also a good choice, this collocation is very easy and common in our daily life, all black outfits make you look slim and cool.

Black High Waist Bodycon Pencil Trousers

And we also often wear blue pencil pants, take a famous model as an example, she just wear a simple light blue pants, atop a whit blouse, she just tuck the bottom part into pants to show her thin waist, and plus a pair of white shoes, as for accessories, just add a black necklace. Don’t ignore this tiny one, which brings you creativity.

Royal Blue Double Zipper Design Pencil Trousers

Of course, we just provide you some references, concrete collocations depends on your own style and interest.

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