Who said that dresses don’t fit winter? There is a warm and slimming dress for you, that is knit dress. The fabric of knit dress is soft and comfortable, you can look cook by covering a hard and heavy coat.
Many brands has released their knit dresses in the recent fashion weeks, and their models really show us how to go well with this flexible item.
For the girls who is a little strong, I recommend you maxi V-neck knit dresses, which expose your slender neck and collarbone. It should be noted to avoid oversized or other super loose pattern, otherwise you’ll look stronger.

V Neck Sweater Dress in Apricot

Pear shaped body is very common between girls which means thin top and fat bottom, so the knit dresses that is top tight and loose bottom suits them best. Medium length hide your pump legs and layer your outfits.

Grey Crew Neck Cold Shoulder Long sleeves Casual Ribbed Sweater Dress

Another thing you need to know is that wear a belt or waist pack if your whole look is the same color, which can help show your waist line obviously.

Khaki Knitted Midi Basic Dress

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