Many office ladies wear bodycon skirts frequently, but if you want to be more sexy and elegant by wearing it , you should pay more attention to its collocations.
Actually, bodycon skirts can show our figure, we can buy a khaki one, especially this color can go well with other items, like a white shirt.

Khaki Fringe Tassel Mini Skirt

If you are tall and thin, you may as well choose a bodycon of medium length and paired with stiletto in a same color. In order to show our body wave, a tight shirt is a good choice, for example, black knitted sweater.

Black Long Sleeves Top and Slited Skirt Suit

We all like to wear light color clothes in summer, because clothing in dark color attract heat, so bright color bodycon is very popular in this season, if you want to be special, just try some lace-up or sparkly sequins bodycons.

Fashion Sequins High Waist Midi Skirt with Hidden Zip Back

As a matter of fact, bodycon is also useful on other seasons, you can wear knitted fabric in the cold weather, but bodycons don’t suit all girls, like whose crotch is strong.

Navy and White Stripe Knitted Jumper and Mini Pencil Skirt

Many girls like to wear bodycon inside coats in winter, but you have to notice that the color of coat should be combine with the bodycons’, or we can buy a leather one and atop a fur coat, gorgeous and elegant.


Black Leather Look Side Split Pencil Skirt

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