30We all need high waisted jeans in winter, which make you look slim and keep you warm. Today I’m ready to show you some exercised tips on jeans.


#1 Shirt+ Jeans

Shirt is definitely a super basic item, though the versions or fabric of shirts are rich, all can go with jeans very well, and I want to highlight that the looser shirt you wear, the slimmer you look.

High Waist Skinny Jeans in Light Wash


#2 Blouse+ Jeans

If you’re tired of shirts, you may as well change them into blouse, you’d better tuck the bottom part into your jeans, which is suitable for official occasions. Dark blouse fits winter well, white blouse can be worn inside sweaters.

Black High Waist Random Ripped Details Jeans


# Sweaters+ Jeans

It is easy and chic to wear sweaters atop jeans, of course tiny girls prefer short versions, this combination is the key to improve the layering of your outfits. If you want to hide your fat legs, the medium or maxi sweaters are the superior choices.

If you don’t have a curvy body, just pay more attention to the color and pattern of your sweaters. I recommend you the hot color of this year, like burgundy. Slim or tight sweaters are really not suitable for those girls who have strong tops, the looser or oversized versions can make you look small and smart.

Dark Blue Without Front Pockets Basic Bodycon Jeans


#4 Coat+ Jeans

The trench coats always long and thick, so you can choose a little short jeans, which can show your beautiful ankles, so you be look more chic when wearing booties or leather shoes.

Navy High-waist Skinny Jeans

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