You must have a grey trench coast this year. As a must-have item in autumn and winter, trench coat is the best choice that can keep both warm and stylish. In a matter of speaking, your coat is the symbol of your fashion and flair. A suitable trench coat with fine fabric and exquisite tailor can make your oversize style don’t look plump at the same time. Actually there are many different kinds of colors and versions, but grey never goes out of style, which fits anyone in any occasion, low-key but elegant. But if you want to dress grey coat successfully, there are still some tips you need to know.


#1 Layer your clothes

Many short girls do not often wear long coat, without mentioning maxi trench coat, because they don’t want to be wrapped up like a pie. So the point of wearing trench coat is to show the layering. When you open your trench coat, don’t forget to show the layering between your top and bottom. The clearer layering, the taller you look!

Light Grey Stand Collar Dropped Shoulder Longline Cardigan

If you wear a uniform color items inside, just use a belt or other thing that can layer your clothes. Or a lapel trench is also a good choice. But don’t do this if the fabric of your is too hard or the style is too oversize.

Grey Lapel Collar Trench Coat with Belt


#2 Select a coat that fits your body well

A suitable trench coat make your figure more appealing, so you need to avoid some black spots. For example, if your upper body is a little strong, you should not wear cocoon coat or other versions that make you look plump. So wearing a H-pattern trench coat is wise.

Grey Lapel Collar Duster Coat with Flap Pocket

The point that I want to add is that short coat is not so all-matched as you image. If you are a short girl with pear shaped body, you should wear some oversized coat.

Gray Loose Fit Trench Coat With Drawstring Waist

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