We all know that various hooded sweatshirts are very popular in recent years, so it’s not enough if you only know that a hooded sweatshirt worn with jeans. Now the icons always like layering which means wear a coat outside sweatshirt. The following tips help you deal with hooded sweatshirts.


Look 1: Hooded sweatshirt + coat

Grey Hooded Design Stripe V-neck Long Sleeves Sweatshirts

A hooded sweatshirt under a coat is the easiest and smartest collection of this autumn and winter.


Look 2: Hooded sweatshirt + blazer

See-through Fashion Long Sleeves Hoodie

Besides various coats, blazer is also a good choice. Especially the popular plaid blazer of this year can hold the hooded sweatshirt well. Just like the bellowing plaid blazer with a black hooded sweatshirt which conveys your trendy spirits.


Look 3: hooded sweatshirt + Leather Jacket

Pink Hooded Design Embroidered Pullover Sweatshirt

Hooded sweatshirts are the fresh and pure items, when worn with novel and smart leather jackets, then paired with anti-aging sneakers, you can get the street fashion style instantly.


Look 4: Hooded sweatshirt + denim jacket

Active Letter Pattern Pullover Sports Hoodies in Black

You should choose oversized denim jackets to match with hooded sweatshirts, which gets an indolent feeling as you imagine. It’s necessary to dress slim bottoms to add layering of clothing.

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