Everyone has grey trench coat for winter, so as your considerate stewards , I’m happy to recommend you six classical but stylish color combinations.


#1 Grey+ Black

This combination is always harmonious. The easy and basic way is to wear a black sweater inside grey coat. You can be so cool if changing the black sweater into black sweatshirt, especially when you put on your hood. Leather pants maybe a little difficult to control, but when it matches with grey coat, this team will hide your imperfect part of your body efficiently.

Grey Lapel Collar Duster Coat with Flap Pocket


#2 Grey+ White

White is a very bright color, the contrasting of this two colors can make grey active, and you’ll be younger when it paired with white sneakers. It would be gender when wearing a sweater inside grey coat, but a white blouse, official.

Plaid Lapel Woolen Coat in Gray


#3 Grey+ Grey

The double grey combination is really top, but has a serious requirement of body and flair, so you may as well treat it according to own conditions. You can put on a blouse inside grey sweater in order to adding some fresh feelings.

Grey Tweed Duffle Coat


#4 Grey+ Camel

Some of you think that grey and camel is wired, actually, though it is not the best, at least can be good. For example, apply little camel to your outfits, like camel boots or scarf.

Plus Size Dark Grey Trench Coat


#5 Grey+ Blue

I’m sure that majority blue items of your wardrobe are various jeans that were washed for hundreds of times but still loved. Sometimes jeans suits may looks strange, that is because you’re without a grey coat. And I want to add a point that don’t wear a light color jeans.

Grey Lapel Coat



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