Nowadays all kinds of autumn wear is available on markets, but you may get confused of what are worthy to buy on earth. The answer is that fashion long sleeve coat and dresses are the best autumn wear. You can still wear your dresses and all you need to do is to put on one more fashion coats on top of them. Here are some recommendations for you.

Blue Bat Sleeves Classic Collar Fashion Loose Denim Jacket

First choice is denim jacket for sure if you want yourself look young and chic. As one of the beautiful basics, denim jacket is classic, young, versatile and easy to go with other items. Therefore it is never wrong to pick denim jacket as one of your fashion tops. To go with dresses, the jacket has to be as short as reasonable. In that way you can create a better body proportion. Even though it is a match of denim jacket and dress, there are still many options left for you. You are free to try different styles and looks.


Leather Look Jacket with Zipper Details

Also, there are leather jackets. Leather jacket and dress are very much preferred by fashion lovers in recent years for it perfectly shows the combination and contrast between sweetness and cool style. Usually leather jacket is regarded tough and strong, anyway it has nothing to do with elegance and romance. However, when it meets dress, a wonderful and beautiful contrast is made and an excellent balance is created. All the charm of leather jacket is thus revealed. And here’s only one tip for petite girls, remember to choose short jacket as much as possible.

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