Fall has come, and you can feel the chill at morning and night, which is when you need a thin outerwear to keep the cold out. So in such season, what kind of outerwear is more appropriate? As our stylist see, we should all get a sweatshirt, which is on the frontier of fashion and resembles young and alive, also it has the just right thickness, you won’t be too hot or too cold and looks chic and pretty on it. Now we will introduce you some good-looking fashionable loose sweatshirts, I hope you like one of them.

The normal sweatshirt is either very big, or tight and hooded, more of the sporty style. You can choose the one with embroidery or glitter on it. The graphic will be more three-dimensional and vivid this way. As an important vintage fashion element, the embroidered or glittered sweatshirt will make you a chic girl of this fabulous season.

Black Rose Embroidered Long Sleeves Sweatshirt

Black Rose Embroidered Long Sleeves Sweatshirt


The short and loose sweatshirt can help you hide the fat on your waist to make you look better-shaped, it also won’t be too big for you. And with it’s high-low hem, it can highlight the better proportion of your lower part body. You can mix any skirts or pants you like with a loose sweatshirt.

Grey Hooded Design Stripe V-neck Long Sleeves Sweatshirts

Grey Hooded Design Stripe V-neck Long Sleeves Sweatshirts


The long oversized sweatshirt can stretch the overall visual effect of your body. Usually we wear it with a pair of leggings or shorts, that would be a great mix too. Anyway, enjoy your fall with this must-have fashion item.

Grey Round Neck Long Sleeves Casual Sweatshirt

Grey Round Neck Long Sleeves Casual Sweatshirt


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