Delicate and fine embroidery is getting popular again in recent years. You can see it on coats, dresses and shoes very often. It brings new life and elegance to plain clothing and revitalizes them to their utmost beauty.


Embroidery is one of the traditional Chinese crafts. As early as thousands of years ago, people began to sericulture and silk reeling. With the use of silk and its production and development, embroidery gradually rises. Embroidery is a fairly representative of Chinese specials. The delicate stitching, rich and stable colors, vivid patterns, make it very impressive to people around the world.


Now as a delicate and artistic elements, embroidery are everywhere to be seen on show stages and many popular items. Fashion embroidered coat for women are one of the beautiful items.


Army Green Rose Embroidery Pattern Long Sleeves Winter Outerwear

If you are a fashion lover and concerned about fashion trends, you may have noticed that so many brands have taken embroidery as their main fashion element. There are more and more fashion designers who are into oriental specials and have already apply them into their works.

Pink Lace-up Design Embroidered Long Sleeves Trench Coat

Trench coat is a good supporter for embroidery as it has smooth outline and concise design. To stitch embroidery on plain coat is like to draw on white paper. Therefore if you put on a embroidered coat, you wear a beautiful and poetic painting. The light color, warm feeling and sweet taste can make you look very elegant and sweet. And a few more oriental detailed decorations would enable you distinctive and classy looks.

Pink Embroidered Pattern V-neck Long Sleeves Sweaters

Also, there are sweaters, shirts and jackets with beautiful embroidery on markets now. You just have to remember that the simpler, the better when you choose embroidered tops for women. Otherwise, it may get too loud to wear.

Black Diamond Quilted Embroidery Pattern Sleeves Jacket

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