There is a saying goes, the minute that you put on a long trench coat, autumn actually settles in. Autumn is the season for trench coats. If you do not wear one, that would not count as a real autumn.


As people’s must-have for many years, long trench coats are not only practical and beautiful, but most important they are the symbol of elegance. After designer’s dedication and creation, trench coats are now necessary items especially for seasonal transition. Once you dress up in long trench coat, you are ready to create the most gorgeous look in autumn.

Camel Lapel Collar Casual Outwear

Ideal trench coats are versatile and essential for everyone, and whatever the trend is, they are classic all the time. But it dose not mean that you can wear them in a casual way. Different people fit in different types of trench coats.

Oversized Longline Trench Coat with Pockets

If you are tall and slim, you do not have to worry about it. Long trench coats are just made for you, especially those whose length is at your ankles. They will build a super chic and stylish look for you.

Kahki Classic A-line Silhouette Double Breasted Waist Tie Trench Coat

For girls who are a little bit chubby, you should be careful of the selection of trench coats. You are suggested to choose trench coats that are well-designed, tailored, and fitted. Otherwise they would make you look fatter than you really are.

Camel Fashion Lapel collar Long Trench Coat with Belt

Camel Fashion Lapel collar Long Trench Coat with Belt

For petite girls, you are free to try long trench coats as well. But you’d better not to choose those are too long and oversized. Trench coats with three quarter sleeves have a medium length would be perfect.

Green Lace-up Design Embroidered Long Sleeves Trench Coat

Green Lace-up Design Embroidered Long Sleeves Trench Coat

Besides, classic coats are necessary for sure while new changed ones are something that you can not miss. The new popular trench coats have special designs and delicate details and are worthy to try as well.

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