Maybe you bought various sweaters for this winter, but the problem is how to match them. So today I’m here to recommend you the collocation of sweaters and wide leg pants.

#1 Sweaters+ Wide leg jeans
All items match jeans well, whenever this element gives you a fresh and active feeling, especially wide leg jeans. Even when paired with retro sweater, they still keep the nature.

Dark Blue Ripped Wide Leg Jeans with High Waist


#2 Sweater+ Palazzo pants
You can’t be a office lady without a palazzo pants, but it is too serious if you wear a suit, so why not atop a sweater, which makes you outfit more gentle.

Fashion Side Pockets Palazzo Pants in Black


#3 Sweater+ stripe wide leg pants

The retro stripe is so hot in this year, but don’t believe that it can only be applied to coats or suits, it also can make a pants more amazing.

Black Stripe Wide Leg High-waisted Pants


#4 Sweater+ Velvet wide pants
Velvet also goes back to the trendy in recent years, the soft and warm feeling fits cold winter very well, and plus comfortable and tender sweater, this team must be the most popular!

Navy Velvet Flared Trousers

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