If you have seen too many turtleneck sweaters, then you are highly recommended to try v neck sweaters, which are about to show their charm.

Compared to turtleneck sweater, versatile v neck sweater is more friendly to people who do not have beautiful necks and small faces. And there are many ways to style it. For instance, you can just wear it as outerwear, which will be beautiful enough. Or you can pair it up with various fashion items.

Maybe many people haven’t found the beauty of v neck sweater and missed its advantages before, and it is just the time to try it out yourself and explore its possibilities from now on.

Black Rib Deep V-neck Knit Casual Sweater

These days it is getting colder and colder, so perhaps it is not ideal and practical to wear it as outerwear. Therefore a good way to wear it is to match it with gorgeous women coats. Covered by long or short coats, it reveals your clavicle and beautifies your necks in an elegant and casual way, therefore the exposure of bare skin adds on some sexy air and builds a distinctive attractive image different from turtle neck sweater.

Navy Cold Shoulder V-neck Long Sleeves Sweater

As for the selection of coats, trench coat is the first choice because the pair is so classic that it will occur to you automatically when you think of sweaters and coats. Apart from trench coat, blazer is smart choice as well if you already get tired of suit and tie. V neck sweater can make a change and turn your formal work outfit less serious and boring.

Apricot Crossed Front Design V-neck Long Sleeves Reversible Sweater

Or you can mix it up with many other items to make a contrast, and that’s how you distinct yourself from others in a fashionable way. You can couple it with leather jacket, denim jacket or even turtleneck sweater.

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